Ops Headquarters Coordinator

Grow is a Latam-based holding for micro mobility and payments.

It is the result of the merger between Grin, the Mexican scooter pioneer, and Yellow, a multimodal and payment player from Brazil.

About your job:

The Operations Team is responsible for delivering results and make our company succeed and be financially sustainable. We are responsible for making analysis, creating strategies, implementing solutions and measuring results.

The Ops Headquarters is a team responsible for giving the Cities the best tools to thrive in the operation locally. We have a consolidated view of the P&L and must analyze and prioritize the creation and execution of processes and tools to have the most positive impact on the company results.

We are also the team that communicates with Product and Technology teams to develop and implement technological solutions that will help us to achieve our goals.

Here you are going to be responsible for:

  • Deep dive operational problems among cities
  • Create tools to help cities implement solutions
  • Communication with Cities Ops, Product and Tech teams
  • Prioritization of new features on our products (based on business impact analysis)
  • User engagement actions
  • Operations cost control
  • Financial impact analysis
  • Team and people management

Our requirements for this position are:

  • Experience in operational/analytical role
  • Data-driven decision-making mentality and sound business judgment
  • Results-driven
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Execution approach to solving problems
  • Leadership and team-building experience

Additional Skills:

Need to love bikes and scooters ;)