Product Development Engineer

We are looking for an engineer who wants to make the difference in a project that will revolutionize urban mobility!

You'll be working with a great team, including founders of 99, the first brazilian unicorn, and the former CEO of Caloi. Check out what the press is saying about yellow: G1, Folha de SP, CatracaLivre.

Here you are going to be responsible for:

Responsible for the hardware user experience of our customers
Improve current mechanical features
Design and source new parts so they are more robust and adequate for a ride sharing fleet
Development of new products for urban mobility

Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Double click in your routine:

Find the root cause of mechanical failures from parts and suggest solutions
Calculate amount of necessary resources, such as spare parts
Turn customer feedback into actionable improvements
Design new solutions for current parts
Test parts and prototypes
Prepare benchmark studies
Prepare reports on your activities and present them to upper management